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We're on a mission to eradicate monolingualism! Learn a new language the natural way today.

About Xochi

Xochi was created with the idea that Latin can be resurrected. We believe that if a Latin course were designed to teach Latin the natural way then anyone can learn to speak Latin fluently. So, we combined the best of Language learning techniques and applied it to one app. Thus Xochi was born. Currently we teach both Latin and French with more languages coming soon. If we can teach you Latin, we can teach you French.


Our features will immerse you in your target language. The app is designed to gradually teach you from complete beginner to fluency.

Speak it

By far the number one reason why we learn a new language is to speak it. Our speaking lessons will get you speaking entire sentences in minutes.

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Read it

Read a novel in your target language. If you forget a word don't worry, we provide the translation for you. Download the audiobook for offline listening.

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Hear it

Aside from the audiobook, the app includes hearing exercises where you'll practice listening to your target language.

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Write it

Although, this section of the app has not yet been developed, we plan on creating a section of the app that will task you with writing in your target language.

Coming soon
Adan Vega

My name is Adan Vega

I love Latin! However, Latin is dying. That so great language of science, medicine, the legal profession, fine arts, literature, and the Vatican, spoken by the greatest minds of antiquity and the renaissance, is today only spoken fluently by less than 100 people worldwide. But you can help bring it back to life. All you need is an app that will teach you how to speak the language fluently.

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